Ethical Dilemma: 8 Men Out

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Ethical Dilemma: 8 Men Out After watching the film 8 Men Out, the ethical dilemma became very clear as to what happened in the 1919 World Series. The ethical dilemma was the decision of whether or not to accept payment from gambling boss’s to intentionally lose 5 games during the World Series. Obviously the amount the 8 players were offered was greater than the salaries they were paid to play all year. If they could each make $10,000 in 5 games just to loose, why not? The ethical decisions the players made affected everyone around them and resulted in a soiled reputation for the players who accepted the terms as well as players who remained true to their contract. The decision to throw 5 of 8 games during the World Series relates very…show more content…
I have established an excellent reputation as the place to go for automotive repairs and paint/ bodywork. Over the years I have been approached by many potential customers for paint jobs and mechanical work. My shop, Show Time Automotive and Performance, is my life. I do the best job I can possibly do for the customers at the most reasonable prices I can afford. I am recommended because of my honesty with customers and dedication to craftsmanship. The potential customers come to me for estimates on painting their vehicles. I give them an honest quote, usually cutting myself short to build my reputation with new customers, and it’s always too expensive for them. The customers then ask me “well since I can’t afford your finest paint job, can I do the bodywork and preparation then have you spray my paint?” I always politely explain to them how much my reputation means to me and the theory behind why I will not do it. Anytime a person sees a car freshly painted they ask who painted the car. The paint could be flawless, but the bodywork could be horrible and people create natural assumptions that whoever painted the vehicle must have done the bodywork too. Some will think it looks good while others who know what to look for will see poor quality. My reputation means everything to me because I have worked so hard to build a successful business. I am well aware that one bad job could ruin everything I have worked so hard to create. As long
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