Ethical Dilemma About The Time My Boss Stole From Me Essay

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Ethical Dilemma is A difficult situation in which an individual is unable to make a decision, due to moral conflicts. Picking one solution would cause undermining another. My ethical dilemma was about the time my boss stole from me. In October 2015 I began working for a pluming company as their executive assistant handling both accounting, human resources and marketing. This company was led by both husband and wife team. In this job I became friends with my employers attending family functions and aiding each other if need be an example money for new tires, baby sitting. On January, 2015 I was asked to create a YouTube account as a marketing strategy due to both husband and wife knew I have my own YouTube account. This video would show the possible new hires what this company seeks from potential hires. In being asked to create a video I had to create the script, bring my own lighting, and hit key points of topic. The entire video was shot, edited, recorded and written by me. On January 10, 2015 I had finished the video and on Sunday I sent the video to my employers for review if it met their standers it would be uploaded Monday morning. Later in the day my employer texted me that this video was approved and will procced to uploading on their YouTube channel. On Monday January 11, 2015 I was unable to attend work due to my father had a massive stroke and I notify both bosses that I will be unable to get into work and to check if there is anything pending tasks on my desk.
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