Ethical Dilemma And Ethical Dilemmas

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During one of my recent practicums, I encountered an ethical dilemma that could have caused some issues in my teaching. I had to refer to the code of ethics and eventually decide the best course of action that I saw fit for the situation in front of me. My decisions could have been seen differently from different points of views in schools and society. In my essay, I have outlined my ethical dilemma and possible actions I could have considered followed by what I ultimately chose. I have outlined how different groups of people could have viewed my decision and how I could have changed my reaction if this was to happen in the future.
As we sat down on the mat for my maths lesson, there was a confrontation between two children, child A and child B. Child A sat down in his mat formation spot, in doing so he accidentally tripped Child B over with his leg. Child B got very angry about this and deemed that child A did this on purpose. Child B then went on to grab child A. Child A tried to push child B off but child B was very forceful. This is not the first incident we had experienced with child B. In the past, he had got angry at several other students. Child B seemed to have some anger issues, if something happened to him or he didn’t get his own way, he got angry and became unpredictable. There could have been some dispute about the ethnicities of the students involved as child A is Maori and child B is Samoan. The possible decisions I could have made were A) tried to…
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