Ethical Dilemma Faced By Co Workers

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Ethical dilemma occurs in various setting which causes harm to the individual, psychologist, and to the practice. Psychologist, therapist, and others in the helping profession need to conduct themselves in a manner: (a) to uphold integrity and honest of the profession; (b) protect the welfare of the client; and (c) making sound decisions which justify ones actions base upon the profession. Forensic psychologist based their ethical decision upon the principles based upon ones actions. There are many ethical decision-making models to assist with justifying their action: (a) one step model – yes or no; (b) two-step model reflect moral judgment; (c) three-step model – examines one’s emotions, thought process, and action in relation to the ethical dilemma; (d) four-step model – is employed when addressing ethical dilemma addressed by co-workers. This paper will use the eight-step model to assess the ethical dilemma of the psychologist in the assigned case study. Eight Step Model Recognize the Dilemma The ethical dilemma which will be discussed is the correctional officer behavior when the inmate refused to greet her. After becoming irritated by his behavior, the correctional sent him to segregated housing for disobeying an order; as a result the annoyed which lead to him cutting his wrist. This information which was provided by other staff; however, it was never mention in the chief psychologist report. Context and Setting of the Incident Forensic psychologist’s possesses
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