Ethical Dilemma Of An Article On Local Domestic Violence

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Ethical Dilemma A year ago when you were employed by St. Paul’s Family center, you served as social worker of Nicholas Karros, who had been experiencing problems on his job that affect him and his family. About eight months ago, Nicholas was killed in an altercation at a local bar. Roberta Frei, a reporter for the local newspaper, approached you yesterday to ask for information about Nicholas because she heard he had been abusive to his wife and children. Ms. Frei wanted this information as part of her preparation for an article on local domestic violence. Ethical Dilemma An ethical dilemma is when a decision has more than one solution and any decision can have positive and negative effects. In the presented dilemma, the social worker is presented with a dilemma of client confidentiality. The social workers previous client has passed away in a bar fight and a reporter has approached her about his past. Since the client is no longer represented by the social worker is it right for her to release information to someone who is neither a family member nor a colleague. The reporter will more than likely keep her name private since she is a source however she may be sued if she does not choose the proper way to handle the dilemma. Ethical Principles In the value of dignity and worth of a person, the social worker should treat each person in a caring matter; there is no stipulation on whether that client should be current or past. The value of integrity, the
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