Ethical Dilemma Of Designer Babies

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Will you go for the brown hair or blond? Would you prefer tall or short? Girl or boys? Its sound scary for me. A designer baby is a human embryo that has been genetically modified, usually following guidelines set by the parent or scientist, to produce desirable traits. This is done using various methods, such as gene therapy or preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). This technology is the subject of ethical debate, bringing up the concept of genetically modified "super humans" to replace modern humans. The ethical dilemma of designer babies by Paul Knoepfler talking about the issue of artificially created babies. Designer babies are babies that are created artificially inside genetically modified human embryo. Paul explains the unique features of this babies. That makes than better than actual babies. They are resistance to disease, like HIV, and genetic disease. They will have lower health care cost. Also, they are smarter than the normal babies.…show more content…
Including legalization issue and its danger. The cost of producing the babies and its effect on creating a high amount of population in the world. Finally, Paul argue that even though the idea of designer babies is great, he thought its danger is higher than its benefit. He argues that if we let this idea and create more designer babies and they going to reproduce. Our university will be full of artificial babies that will have impact on our survival because its danger and unpredictability. I got a lot of good information from his video. It is funny and interesting because the way he is comparing artificial babies and natural babies. It is motivate providing information. Its easy to understand too. I used this video from TED TALKS. They have agenda for this topic because artificial babies not good for us I mean I am not accepted also like Paul said he did not accept this
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