Ethical Dilemma Of The Oil Spill

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Ethical Dilemma British petroleum has experienced a series of oil spill accidents since it was established, however, the 2010 oil spill was considered the worst oil spill accident in the company’s history. The drilling rig in the Deepwater Horizon exploded and killed 11 workers and released thousands of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico (Arnold & McKay 16). The accident affected different states along the coastline including Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama and Louisiana. In addition, the oil spill affected the wild life as it killed birds, fish and destroyed nearby ecosystems and economies including tourism and fishing. Several factors contributed to the oil spill accident including cost saving and failure to put in place safety…show more content…
The organizational culture of arrogance, noncompliance and risk- taking contributed to the accident. The company did not consider corporate social responsibility important and hence it did not drill the oil in a sustainable way to protect the stakeholders and the environment. Instead, the company considered profit making a priority instead of the safety of the stakeholders and the public (Arnold & McKay 20). Whistle-blowers were laid off and intimidated if they exposed the company’s unethical activities. As a result, the company undertook many projects and it was focused on working on the frontiers and managing the risk. Besides, the organization protected itself from stakeholder who questioned the firm’s decision to take the risks. The executive managers did not entertain opposing views. In addition to that, failure to put in place safety measures and risk management policies contributed to the accident. The OSHA identified flaws in the company’s regulations after the explosion at the Texas oil refinery, but the firm did not address the issues. Instead, the organization continued to take risks and cut costs and violated the United States law in order to reduce the costs of producing oil. De Maria identified different strategies that the company should implement to address the issue and prevent future crises. De Maria believed the organization should be victim focused and accept the responsibility for the oil spill. BP accepted the responsibility for the oil spill
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