Ethical Dilemma Within The Medical Field

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Ethical Dilemma within a Household There are various ethical dilemmas throughout the medical field. Some cases are more challenging than others. In, “My Sister’s Keeper,” a thirteen-year-old girl named Anna, hired a lawyer to sue her parents for medical emancipation. Anna was conceived to become a medical donor to her older sister Kate who was diagnosed with acute promyleocytic leukemia. After several years of donating to her sister, she eventually decides to express her feelings about no longer wanting to being a donor. She states that she is worried about her own health and wellness in the future if she continues to donate. Within the book, several ethical issues were presented. The most important issue was whether or not Anna…show more content…
Anna and Campbell portrayed the side explaining how important it was for Anna to be able to make her own decisions about her body, while Anna’s mother argued against them. Anna took a justice approach, which is the belief that everyone should treated equally and fairly (Bonde and Firenze, 2013). Anna shares with her lawyer, Campbell, all the procedures she has already been through due to her parent’s decision. Even as a newborn, doctors donating her white blood cells to her sister. Then over the years, her parents continued several times making the decision to have Anna donate more to her sister. From a newborn to a teenager, she already had donated some of her white blood cells, lymphocytes, bone marrow, granulocytes, and peripheral blood stem cells. (Picoult, 2014, p 21). Anna feels that by forcing her to undergo procedures without her full consent was unjust. It would be extremely unfair to make her donate a kidney especially when that specific procedure could cause harm and life long side effects. Later on in the story during the trial, Campbell took a non-consequentialist approach, known as the rights approach. This approach identified that the best decision was one that protected the ethical rights of those who were directly affected by the action (Bonde and Firenze, 2013). While the family doctor was up on the stand, Campbell asked him to read off the potential risks
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