Ethical Dilemma at Northlake.

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Synopsis Throughout the last 10 years Frank has worked his way up the corporate ladder of Amalgamated Forest Products where he now holds the title of manager of corporate reporting. With help from his manager and mentor Jim McIntosh, the vice president of finance, he earned his Certified Management Accounts (CMA) certificate and has enjoyed a comfortable life with his wife and three children. His head is now positioned on the chopping block and he could suffer major losses if he does not conform to the company’s expectations of him. He is resisting pressure from top management to allow a vital document to be submitted to a legislative committee regarding the company’s business procedures and financials. He feels the financials are…show more content…
The stress accumulated over several years can cause physical illness which could lead to absenteeism and “higher employee turnover”. (Hellriegel & Slocum) Management should have a zero tolerance anti-bullying policy that clearly defines what is and is not acceptable behavior among employees. Clearly defined corrective action should also be stipulated in the policy. If the bullying is not taking place in plain view, the policy should also include step by step instructions for how to handle the situation. Telling work friends or journaling any bullying incidents, using specific dates and times, can help a victim prove their case. The human resources department of Amalgamated should offer confidential ways to assist an employee when they need to report a bullying case and need resolution of the case. The Workplace Bullying Institute offers training workshops that help inform employees of what bullying is and how to effectively eliminate this behavior in the workplace. Educating your staff to the harmful effects of workplace bullying can significantly reduce or even eliminate its occurrence. (Namie) Finding of Facts #2: Motivation Jim and Jean are not able to motivate Frank to change his mind about exposing the false document. “Motivation represents the forces acting on or within a person that cause the person to

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