Ethical Dilemma at Northlake Essay

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“Ethical Dilemma at Northlake”
Week 3 – Case Study # 1

Synopsis: The case begins with Jim McIntoch the vice president of finance of Amalgamated Forest Products having a conversation with Frank the manager of corporate reporting. Jim is upset with Frank and is confronting him about the decision he’s made about going public about a financial analysis report that Amalgamated Forest Products will present to the legislation. Frank is stating that the report is falsifying information about the how much the operating cost would be if the company would need to establish pollution control of the discharge of wastewater. Jim is extremely upset and basically threatens him about ruining his career as well as the company if he were to go public
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In return Frank adds that his issue is not only with overstating the operating cost, but also that the company is hiding the fact of the damage they did when dumping waste into the Wanawashee River and how it has affected many people in the community and still till the day people are drinking polluted water from their doing. He also points out they can all face jail time if it’s discovered that they were involved in the polluting of the river. The dumping of the wastewater has serious implications not only for the company but also for the many innocent people who are drinking the water that is polluted. Jean as the president of the company should be using the six factors of “Ethical Intensity” (38-40). He needs to take into consideration the magnitude of the consequences that will be done if he insists with presenting an incorrect analysis. It’s clear the company really does not follow a code of conduct and as a leader of the company he should understand the social consensus especially of the town of Northlake which has a population of 10,000. How they would view the company if it was discovered what it did. There needs to be a change in the company on its view on ethical principles. Frank also needs to remind both Jean and Jim the laws set in place against retaliation against whistle blowing. Its clear HR needs to get involved and possible he may need to get some
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