Ethical Dilemma at the Workplace

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Examine an ethical dilemma that can occur in the workplace Ethical dilemmas are particularly sensitive issues in the workplace because the well-being of the individuals and the organization as a whole are at stake. Employees must feel as though they are being supported and not punished, and should not feel as though they were being put on display; their dignity should always remain intact. This paper examines how, as a high school principle, I would address the issue of one of the high school teachers becoming addicted to prescription drugs. The ethical dilemma at hand is particularly sensitive because I hired the teacher and he has been a close acquaintance over the five years in which he has taught at the school. Additionally, he is a very sensitive individual and I am aware that he has been on antidepressant medications for over two years. I am aware of this because when hiring employees, they must supply us with their medical information including whichever medications they are taking. They are screened thoroughly before beginning employment, ensuring that none of the information they have supplied has been fabricated. Thus, I have been aware of his antidepressant use for the past couple of years, and it has previously never impeded his productivity. I recognize that substance abuse is a sensitive issue and prudence should be exercised before accusing someone of being addicted to drugs. As Ashe and Nealy (2005) elucidate, a substance abuser cannot be identified

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