Ethical Dilemma in Psychology Today

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In psychology field especially in the mental health profession, strongly discourage therapist from engaging in any form of romantic relationships with former or current client. It is paramount because of the two most important encountered areas for these types of issues are termination and sexual relationships.
It is not wise for a therapist to begin any form of social relationship with client after termination. The therapist has to politely and gentle inform the client that it is not a good idea for him or her to do so because it is not ethical to commerce a social relationship with current or former client. In 1992 American Psychology Association put in place a 2-year post-termination moratorium clause, “placing clear limitations in the short run. At the same time, they opened the opportunity for sexual relations between ex-therapists and ex-clients without professional repercussion at some future time” (American Psychological Association, 1992). It is best if both parties go their separate way and keep things on a professional level, and find other people to form a social relationship with. When we discussed the importance of responsible professional practice it is a good habit for profession to create concrete discipline strategies that when ethical dilemma arrives they know how to handle these situations in a professional manner. It should be relevant to the practice it must be based on a protocol and the integration of APA code of ethic and standard code.
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