Ethical Dilemmas : An Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical dilemmas are presented to humanity often. What is an ethical dilemma made up of? Ethical dilemmas consist of controversial choices, peer pressure, strong opinions of society on both sides, and pull against personal values. However, the knowledge bank that a person has, or is willing to acquire will influence the resolution made. Paul is a young man that has had several accomplishments, including the starting position that he earned by working hard in the weight room and on the field. Although, members of the team have been trying a new performance enhancing drug that has shown remarkable results, is not on the banned drug list yet and does not show up on drug tests. His coach seems to be aware of the use, but has not acknowledged that members of the team may be using it with marked improvement. Furthermore, the coach’s decision seems to be based on that he has a winning team and the drug is not banned as of now. In fact, Paul’s coach is looking at making some changes, and his starting position may be one of them. Paul’s friend has just handed him a sample of this drug, and now he’s faced with a possible life changing decision. In this paper Paul will take a look at this ethical dilemma that exists throughout the sports world, evaluate his core beliefs, resolve any conflicts that remain, look at the unintended consequences of his conclusion, and compare his conclusion with another verdict- just in case. Paul is faced with a decision to make now that he has a sample
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