Ethical Dilemmas : An Ethical Dilemma

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An ethical dilemma, “is a circumstance which occurs only when two or more social work values are in conflict” (Murphy, 1997). Ethical dilemmas as presented to professionals on a daily basis and never is there one that is similar to another or that can be handled in the same way because each individual and situation is different. This case presents an ethical dilemma in which the adolescent has stated that he is growing an illegal substance in his own backyard with plans to distribute as well as for his own recreational use. The minors’ disclosure brings up many questions of legal matters and confidentiality. What he reports that he is going to do have many illegal consequences that could get him into a lot of trouble or possible danger.
The client has evidently built up enough trust to disclose to his plans to the therapist. He does not want this information to be disclosed to his father, who there is a previous history with, and with whom does not have a good quality relationship with the therapist either. The father appears to be displeased an annoyed with his son at this time and bringing up this information to him, if he were to even listen to the therapist with whom he dislikes as well, could create another issue in its own. Would he abuse his son again because he continues to drink? If that occurred it could be detrimental to Max recent improvement.
Being faced with ethical dilemmas is not an easy task. Deciding whether or not to disclose information about a minor…

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