Ethical Dilemmas: Approach To Quality Management

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Quality management
Approaches used to handle ethical behavior: Warnerbus Limited is a company that specializes in the bespoke conversion of minibuses, and wheelchair accessible vehicles, catering primarily for the elderly, disabled and passengers in wheelchairs. The company is committed to provide quality products and services to its client. The company has taken a step forward and acquired the Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001 certification to met the national standards of the quality check and acquire national reorganization to the products and services that has added to company’s pride and goodwill.
The company is dedicated to its clients by continuously improving the quality of its products and services, providing a structured framework
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The decisions taken by decide course and structure of the company. When any situation like resolving ethical dilemmas come into account the real test of the manager’s begin. The problem with ethical decision making is that it cannot be taken in vacuity, as one single decision will affect the other decisions. The perfect solution to the problem is making a balance so that no one is at loss. Warnerbus Limited is a service oriented company and is dedicated to its customers for quality products and services. The company has gone to the extent to acquire Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001 to increase the quality of its products and to get national acclaim. The Warnerbus Limited Company is trying every possible measure to ensure to improve upon its products and services and is not in the mood to compromise on any below standards of productivity. The company thrives for best consumer satisfaction in all conditions. To provide its consumers with best quality products and services the company is developing a workplace policy that is adhering to the company’s principles and visions. In case of any dilemma the manager must take decision as per the company’s code of conduct. As per The Ethical Company Organization the employees are abided to the rules and regulations of the company when they accept the terminologies of the company. Along with that the employees must be provided proper ethical training regarding how to resolve and address ethical dilemmas problems. Exchanging the views that are creating dilemma with one of the executives that holds a better position in the company and better understanding of such issues due rich previous experiences will be a good initiative. Sharing the dilemma with the peers without disclosing any inside information or crucial information is also suggested. If it is not possible to discuss within the organization, look for other options that fall in the same familiar category. Upon
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