Ethical Dilemmas : Ethical Dilemma

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Every individual may have different perspectives on whether or not a decision is right or wrong. When it comes to ethical dilemma, there really are no correct answers but there are proper steps to take to reduce unethical behaviors. The ethical dilemmas that are presented in this case are: Hiding or Divulging Information, Balancing Ethical Dilemmas, Unfair Advantage, Violating Rules, Perpetrating Interpersonal Abuse, Condoning Unethical Actions. I, the executive of the drug company decided not to disclose information from a research scientist. By doing so, I am “Hiding or Divulging Information” I was told there is possible long-term effect that can lead to brain tumors. However, for my own job security, no further test were implemented and no words were to be told to the public I also engaged in “Balancing Ethical Dilemmas” On one hand the company is benefiting from producing the drug because it is expecting continuous high rate of return for the next several years. On the other hand,consumers are benefiting by continuing to produce the drug to help reduce the pain of migraine headaches, even though it can possibly cause brain tumor in the future. Another ethical dilemma is “Unfair Advantage” because I have a team of research scientist, I know more information about the drug than the customer. By not disclosing every bit of necessary information I have to the public, I have an advantage over them. Thus, I can manipulate the information so that the consumer will believe,
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