Ethical Dilemmas : Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemmas? Well what are ethical dilemmas? Ethical dilemmas are a case of reasoning that involves a right versus right decision. As anyone can see, an ethical dilemma has more than one right answer. In any case involving a right versus right decision, it is based on number of factors including your intuition, thinking and even feeling. However, to solve these predicaments, Kidder came up with 3 principles that aimed to help make the decision a little easier. Although Kidder determined these principles, making a decision involving ethical dilemmas revolves around the idea of a person’s own values and what they think is right in their own mind. In order to use Kidder’s 3 principles that are aimed to help make a decision easier when it comes to ethical dilemmas, an ethical situation must first be determined. For this specific paper, I decided to go with the ethical dilemma of choosing whether to give an impoverished family or individual a mortgage for a home that they are more than likely to default on or deny them that mortgage. For instance, giving a family or individual who only make a mere $20,000 a year, a $200,000 loan or denying them that money. This idea correlates to the mortgage crisis of 2007 when the growth of housing prices stalled and demand slowed. As a result, lenders accepted loans when they knew that there was a high degree of risk and insolvency. In the end, banks became bankrupt and the government established stimulus programs aimed at reducing the…
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