Ethical Dilemmas : Ethical Dilemma

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INTRODUCTION “Nearly all healthcare clinicians have or will encounter ethical dilemmas during their clinical operations. Consequently most of them get not training on how to solve the situation. The clinical professionals should be trained on how to resolve ethical dilemma cases, since they are vulnerable to this kind of cases. Ethical dilemmas affect the psychological decisions one makes since they dread transgressing on other imperative moral decisions. Cases of ethical dilemmas affect almost every person regardless of their class or status in the society. Ethical dilemmas in clinical organization affect both the executives and their subjects’ indifferent levels. The heads find themselves perplexed by some ethical issues in their operations, the same way their juniors would experience ethical dilemmas in their standards,”(Welch, 2001, p.1). In situations where life and death is involved, prompt decision should be considered whether one party is hurt but it must be in the best interest of the outcome. Always positive outcome is promoted or considered in an ethical dilemmas. There are many ethical dilemmas that happen in our day to day working lives as nurses but how we tackle the situations matters most. Being diligent and neutral as a health care worker is very important because you are not the judge but helping to resolve the situation. ETHICAL DILEMMA The ethical dilemma here involves an innocent 6 year old who is critically ill and the parents are fighting each other
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