Ethical Dilemmas In Mental Health Care

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As of the 27th August 2016 I was discharged to my home from St Ann’s Hospital and accepted to be treated as a voluntary home patient, even low there was no right full need.
A version of an event that took place; Then more pain arrived;
Months latter once I got released back to my home Carron Dunno continued to watch me suffer for her lies made to the police, as the mental health, home team as they monitored me at home address after the hospital tribunal, in knowing that on the 14th August 2016.
I never really went into my back garden as she stated and at the begging of being released from the hospital, I had to continue to keep my word in a letter that I wrote stating that I would work alongside the Mental health teams workers.
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With the concern of my own well-being due to the doctors enforcing their trades upon me I decided that it be best for me to attempt to overwhelmingly explain my feelings and legal position about being forced medication blind or without a pliff and so forth to the Mental Health Teams employers in charge of my case and still they still continued to impose the medication wrongly against me.
I, know for fact the doctors continued to try to mislead me into believing that if I never took their treatment they would again take me back into their care, I knew this to be illegal as I had only been placed under a section 2 assessment which does not give the grounds for a doctor to impose a section 117 on any person for home treatment, a section 3 must be implied under the mental health act 1963 and it had not for this to happen against my will, after some explaining it was agreed that I was right and the visits and medication finally got stopped, as right in my favour.
The tablets were making me feel ill and I complained about them doing this every day, still however thought the whole period while in their care I claimed to take the medication and funny on the otherwise; the doctors claimed that the medication had made me better, but thought I strongly agreed with my own assessment of myself and I do not feel the medication should have been give to me, nor could of it of had a positive impact on
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