Ethical Dilemmas In Psychology

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In the current assignment, we are asked to choose an ethical dilemma faced by psychological researchers and determine which ethical principles and codes from the American Psychological Association (APA) are involved and resolve the situation (2010). More often than not, student researchers are unfamiliar with situations faced by practicing psychologists, therefore hypothetical vignettes are given to students to evaluate and resolve an issue using ethical choices. In my opinion, vignettes are an excellent resource for students to practice and become familiar with the standards set out by the APA. All research in any scientific realm must meet specific and generalized criteria in order for the findings to be deemed appropriate. Students of psychology,…show more content…
Also, his complete lack or aforethought for consequences to the community covered in Standard 3 Human Relations with disregard for Standard 3.04 Avoiding Harm, Standard 3.08 Exploitative Relationships, and violation of 3.10 Informed Consent, is egregious (APA, 2010). Additionally, for his lack of knowledge in research methodology, he has also violated Standard 8.02a, by not informing any of the research participants of his intentions (APA, 2010). Intentionally not informing participants of their participation in a research experiment of this magnitude could well cause irreparable emotional harm, which negates any benefit gleaned from the results. Ramifications of such an undertaking would necessitate immediate psychosocial support for communities and could carry on indefinitely, with unassuming participants at high risk for PTSD and other debilitating mental health issues (Turunen, Haravuori, Pihlajama¨ ki, Marttunen, & Pihlajama¨ ki, 2014). Thus, the researcher has also consented to violating Standard 8.05 Dispensing with Informed Consent for Research and Standard 8.07 Deception in Research, with no just cause (APA, 2010). Finally, the researcher has also potentially violated Standard 8.08; there is no possible scenario where any person could adequately debrief a population of this size (APA, 2010). An entire association of psychologists would be needed in order to minimize any harm felt by unaware victims subjected to this type of research. Data collected from previous school shootings pertaining to perceptions and mental health status of post trauma victims showed; even with an abundance of mental health professionals, there is a lack of competence in post trauma intervention; continually, there is a systematic depletion of qualified mental health practitioner assistance; and little in
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