Ethical Dilemmas In The Classroom Analysis

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Class Reflection There are many times in a setting where you work with other adults that something will come into play that provides a conflict that could potentially create a clash of ideas. Sometimes something that one person may think is the correct way to go about things, could be wrong in the eyes of the other adult. When this conflict comes into play the two people that come into problems with one another need to make adult decisions to come to an agreement on the conflict that has arisen. Conflict management is about calming discussing the situation in order to brainstorm on the problem (Watson, 2012). My paper discusses a current dilemma, ethical ideal/principles that relate to the dilemma, as well as future approach. Ethical Dilemma The ethical dilemma that I have come into is a case in which a director was filling into a classroom for a teacher. Unfortunately the classroom that the director was filling in for,…show more content…
It almost feels like this falls under ethical responsibilities to the children. The teacher should ensure they are creating a safe, healthy, nurturing, and responsive setting for each child (Gartell, 2013). By the parent/director allowing the child to act out, the parent/director was not putting the needs of the other children first. I say this because, the director is teaching the other children that it is ok to act that way. In addition, if the parent/director was treating their child differently, such as favoring, the other children could potentially pick up on this as well. The parent/director should facilitate cooperative and individual activities so that each child can experience success (Gartell, 2013). By not addressing the behavior of their child, this sends mixed messages to the class. In addition, this does not allow the children the opportunity to cope with the behavior, hence allowing for a healthy class environment (Morrison, 2014) as the parent/director is utilizing
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