Ethical Dilemmas Of A Teacher, A Professional Member Of Staff

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As a teacher, a professional member of staff, addressing ethical dilemmas holds a greater responsibility for us, over the common person within any given situation. Understanding that morally and ethically, we are all responsible for promoting fair and just treatment no matter the individuals’ intelligence, beliefs, cultural background, living condition, or views on life in general, and as a teacher, we are held to a higher standard than the common person. Grasping the concepts, physiological aspects, moral development, judgment, values, and sociological characteristic of any given issue is critical to the overall ethical development of others ( In the classroom when an ethical issue rises you have seconds to…show more content…
Inquire about the situation that took place in a friendly and positive manner, do not lecture, or preach, yet know the facts, and seek the reason behind the given situation by identifying the reasons behind the issue through analyzing the dilemma and why it does not comply with proper ethical standards. Learn, know about the people involved, and discuss what took place, openly on the dilemma. If you have the authority to address the ethical dilemma before you, explain why it is not acceptable behavior, suggest and inquire about what could have been a better way of addressing the situation, and how to present yourself in the future on the subject, but resolve the case at hand with displaying intelligence, integrity, building collaboration, while you reduce stress, anger, and animosity at the same time, before closing the conversation. If it becomes negative or confrontation, don’t create greater stress, anger or animosity, but seek guidance and possible group discussion on the given situation at a later time, but in the very near future while the situation is fresh in everyone’s mind. With those new thoughts, and ideas given, and in mind attempt to readdress the ethical situation for closure. If a given situation continues to repeat itself with a specific person or just in general within the environment
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