Ethical Dilemmas Of An Ethical Dilemma

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The purpose of this paper is to describe an ethical dilemma, and discuss a solution based on a bioethical standard. In doing so, I will also consider the context of the ethical dilemma, the role of reason and the desire of the patient. Inherent in working as a nurse in a psychiatric emergency room, I am faced with ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. Ethical dilemmas relating to a) patient rights- a right to refuse medication and treatment, to the least restrictive environment possible, to privacy and confidentiality, to have and give informed consent. b) patient autonomy- patients held on a voluntary or involuntary basis (Eren, 2014; Townsend, 2015). Children present with unique needs because they cannot consent for themselves, are developmentally immature, need care, advocacy, and protection.
Consent to Treat a Minor
A little girl was brought in to our psych ED by the police, her mother accompanied her. The context of an ethical dilemma is crucial in order to define the solution, and justify the solution. The context defines what I am doing, and why I am doing it. A nurse and a patient enter into an agreement. But in the case of a minor, I also enter into an agreement with the minor’s parents. There are three factors when discussing context a) the circumstances of the situation b) the knowledge that I bring to the situation c) my level of awareness in terms of what I need to do (Husted & Husted, 2015). When a patient is brought in by the police, this is a potential red
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