Ethical Dilemmas Of Genetic Engineering

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Iott 1 Imagine a day when you can design your own kid before he or she becomes a fetus, by taking certain parts of your DNA and your partner's DNA and putting it together. Or making new organisms to meet specific needs, like transgenic microorganisms producing substances to fight cancer or other things that are helpful in the medical field. Some transgenic plants could someday make certain foods more nutritious and produce more seeds. This will all be possible from the help of experiments like Hershey and Chase’s experiment in 1952 concluding that the genetic material of the bacteriophage is DNA. Bacteriophage is a virus that injects genetic information into the surface of the cell. We also had help from Watson and Crick's findings that DNA looks like a double helix. With…show more content…
Although, most days I do not care what I put in my body, but today I find it that if I eat something and I die the people who made that product should have taken better safety measures. I think before they are released into public there should be tested for over a year with over 95% rate that it will not cause an illness, or any other measure needed. Scientists should take big precautions to make sure the public is safe. I also do not think genetic engineering should be used on humans. I only worry about this because in movies we see people changing other people's DNA and making an army out of them and taking over the world. But also that is science fiction and this is real life. However, I believe that if we can think it, it can happen. Look at cloning multicellular organisms, many talented scientists thought it was impossible, and that turned out to be wrong. I also believe humans are not meant to be perfect.
Genetic engineering has a long way to go, and we have a lot more to learn. It could change our future. As the future comes, opinions will change and more options will be available. But unfortunately once we open that door there will be no turning
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