Ethical Dilemmas Of Nursing Practice

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In this paper I will explore an ethical dilemma that may arise within my nursing practice. I have presented a narrative, from the article “A Dilemma in the Emergency Room”, that portrays an ethical situation involving patient confidentiality. I will focus on Standard IV: Ethical Practice of the College of Registered Nurses of British (CRNBC) as well as the other (CRNBC) Standards of Practice to further evolve my understanding of the ethics involved within the professional practice of nursing. FROM 110? The Narrative “Tessa” was working her job as a registered nurse in the emergency room. She found her career difficult at times, but that it had still always managed to free of moral distress. When “Ana” was admitted to the emergency department it changed everything for Tessa. Ana was admitted for major bruising and a fracture to her arm. As Tessa reviewed the documented information on the incident, she discovered that the objective and subjective data showed contradictions. The subjective data indicated a fall, but the objective data that Tessa acquired, while assessing Ana, included injuries that would suggest they could be obtained from physical abuse. It was when Tessa and Ana had privacy that Ana revealed to her that her husband had pushed her down the stairs. She stated that an argument had escalated due to the involvement of alcohol. Ana cried in Tessa’s arms for the fear of her children, and for the possibility
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