Ethical Dilemmas Of Police Schools

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Ethical Dilemmas of Police in Schools
Mark A. Birmingham
East Stroudsburg University
APA 6th.

This paper will discuss the various ethical dilemmas facing school resource officers (SRO). This will include problems with 4th amendment protections of students, interviews and interrogations of juveniles, as well as, privacy issues expected by students and faculty. Other issues to be will also address two sociological theories, the Self Efficacy and the Modeling theory. I will also discuss how school discipline is being reclassified in to criminal behavior resulting in many children being classified as criminals due to minor behavior problems. Finally this paper will discuss the SROs role, should it be public servant, or crime fighter.

Ethical Dilemmas of Police in Schools The use of police in schools has been on the increase since the shootings at Columbine High school in 1999. However, over the last 10-12 years the increase is due mainly to available government funding. These “Special Police” are now called “School Resource Officers” (SROs). While the proponents of the SRO program believe that the presence of a Police officer represents all that is right and moral and what our children should aspire to be. The resulting observations and interactions with the SRO should result in future responsible citizens. (Modeling theory) Proponents also see the possibility of a child learning self-confidence and competence by watching and interacting with the police.…
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