Ethical Dilemmas Of The Workplace

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There are many ethical dilemmas one can face while in a workplace. Some are easy to handle, while others do not have a quick solution. There are also many different interactions that can take place. Ethical dilemmas involving a request from a boss have proven to be difficult situations to handle. In the workplace, it is vital to have a strong relationship with a boss. This is what makes an unethical request from a boss such a hard situation to be put in. One wouldn’t want to sacrifice the relationship they have with their boss. At the same time however, it is an even stronger battle to fight one’s morals and what they believe to be ethical. In this discussion I will breakdown my strategy of getting out of this specific type of ethical dilemma: my boss will allow me to submit inflated expense reports in order to pocket the extra cash as well-deserved compensation for my contributions. The most important thing when presented with an unethical situation is to buy some time in order to evaluate the situation thoroughly. Situations like this are delicate, so it is important to treat it as such and take some time to determine the best plan of action. Additionally, if pressured to respond in the heat of the moment, one might become unsatisfied with their answer. Either they will agree to the request against their better judgment, or they will falter their way through a timid and uncertain refusal that could be interpreted as offensive (Boogaard). In our hypothetical face-to-face

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