Ethical Dilemmas

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Ethical Dilemmas 1 Ethical Dilemmas Larry Carter COM 425 May 31, 2010 Ethical Dilemmas 2 Ethical Dilemmas In today’s world employees face many different challenges in the workplace, challenges which not only bring on difficult choices, but could also bring about unwanted change. One of these challenges is Ethical Dilemmas. When an ethical dilemma arises in the workplace an employee is faced with what to do. How do they deal with this situation? The employee has to consider a couple different things when faced with these types of dilemmas. They must determine who it affects, how it affects, and then the consequences that may arise if they bring it to someone’s…show more content…
You don’t want to see her hurt, and you happen to know she has a job offer from another group within your organization.” This is a situation which I hope I will never find myself in. On one hand I have information which concerns my best friend, and because we do have a close relationship I feel it is my job to warn her. On the other hand I am employed by the same organization and overheard something that was not meant for my ears. Ethical Dilemmas 5 This is a difficult. Everything in my heart is telling me I need to break the news to her so she can take the job that was already offered to her, but I also have certain loyalty obligations to my employer. Being who I am I would most likely go to my friend and tell her that she has a job offer which is better than her current position, and before she turns this offer down, I would urge her to go to her manager to ask about her desired position. I would tell her to let her manager know about the job offer from the other department, and inquire the status of the promotion. Hopefully by doing this her manager will do the right thing and let her know that the promotion will be offered to someone else so she can move on. When I look at my resolutions for the two scenarios I wrote about I feel that the resolution for scenario three is the
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