Ethical Dilemmas : Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Ethical Dilemmas: Performance Enhancing Drugs Today’s society places high-performance athletes on a pedestal and our youth look to become the next superstar. The question plaguing young athletes is “how can I get there?”. Physical development must be considered for any athlete and this consequently introduces the topic of performance enhancing drugs. These substances can cause physical development to occur faster than the natural rate, making the athlete a step above “the rest”. Ethical, moral, and spiritual dilemmas occur when a young athlete contemplates using one or more of these performance enhancers. However, the pressure to excel athletically creates the opportunity to strengthen the relationship with Christ by not engaging in…show more content…
That is a question a person can only ask themselves which also offers insight into one’s personal integrity. Core Beliefs From the worldly perspective, people can be inclined to compromise ethical beliefs for their perceived benefit in doing so. In this case, having a coach ignoring performance enhancing drug use to continue a winning record, and teammates that are “pushing” the use creates tension for a developing athlete. Just because a substance is not yet illegal does not make it “right” to consume; the substance still offers an advantage over those who are not using it. “One hundred percent of community sports instructors…reported that they have a role to play in preventing doping” (Backhouse, 2012, p.170). With this knowledge, it becomes clear that there is a negative connotation associated with using performance enhancing drugs, and for good reason, “94% of community sports instructors indicated that doping should be outlawed due to its negative effects on health” (Backhouse, 2012, p.170). Christianity teaches that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and that we must honor God with our bodies (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). This message more than implies that introducing foreign substances into our bodies for whatever reason goes against God’s will for us. As humans, we will be tempted through various means, but in standing strong
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