Ethical Dilemmas : Responsibilities And The Case

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Ethical Dilemmas: Responsibilities and The Case Teianee-Kai Breznikar University of Southern Queensland Word count: 1602 Ethical Dilemmas: Responsibilities and The Case Banks (2006) claims that dilemmas occur when individuals encounter two equally unwelcoming alternatives for a choice, potentially involving a conflict of moral values. The assumption is both judgements can be affirmed; it constitutes situations in which individuals need to make choices given different equally compelling moral options. However, rarely are ethical choices simple; most decisions are restricted and invokes internal conflict as dilemmas highlight the differences and those conflicts when deciding on a course of action. The current literature contains a…show more content…
In a strict teleological interpretation, all actions are morally neutral without the consideration of their consequences. Using this perspective, Alyssa should take the action that generates the greatest net benefit for all those affected by the dilemma. In contrast, deontology denotes an ethical perspective based on duty or obligation. Moral actions are assessed on the foundation of inherent rightness or wrongness rather than the primary consideration being of consequences (Nagel, 1986). From this perspective, Alyssa should take an action that disclosures and removes any questionable behaviors, no matter the consequences. If fundamental principles, for example if lives are violated, the action is always considered morally wrong, even if good outcomes ascended. Ethical Systems Adherence to independent moral duties or rules is what characterizes deontological moral systems. To make morally right decisions, an understanding of our own moral duties needs to be established and an acknowledgment on what correct rules exist to regulate those duties. If we are behaving morally, we have followed our duty; Jeffs and Smith (2005), state that a youth workers priority befalls performing duties that are good and right, despite whether it breaks the rules or calls you to question. Alyssa was ready to face any repercussions for her decision and felt it was her

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