Ethical Dilemmas : What Should Jean Do? Essay

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Ethical Dilemmas: What should Jean do? Jean McGuire works as a salesperson of land property in Sunrise Land Developers. Jean’s superior Wright Boazman, the sales director, described the importance and efficiency of using “deal-closing techniques”. This technique is usually used to motivate the prospect into buying the lot, because often people really want to buy a lot but hesitate at the last few minutes of signing agreements. Wright introduced the most effective closing technology termed “the other party” to salespersons in the company. As Wright explained it, when a salesperson has a prospect actually want to buy a lot, but the prospect was too slow to buy it, the salesperson’s job at the moment was to push the prospect to make purchase decision as soon as possible. The method was that the salesperson would let the prospect know a number of other salespeople were showing the lot at the same time, the lot have attracted plenty of potential customers to come visit, and it might be already sold. Of cause, the salesperson was a liar, and the process of ensuring the prospect to believe was all false play. Jean did not want to cheat her prospects, as a result, her sales performance was far behind her colleagues who used the “deal-closing techniques”. The situation is made more serious by her austere life pressure if Jean does not follow Wright’s hypocritical technology. This essay states a clear analysis of ethical dilemma that Jean is facing and two ethical theories: Kant’s
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