Ethical Dilemmas in the Criminal Justice System Essay

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Ethical Dilemma’s within the Criminal Justice System

Ethical Dilemmas within the
Criminal Justice System

No matter what job you have in the criminal justice system there will always be ethical dilemmas that arise. As a person who’s job is to enforce the law there is always a way to step over the boundaries whether it be unfair treatment to citizens, inmates or agencies. There is always areas of the career to consider and in order to make everyone happy there are steps that need to be taken. From the police officer on the street to the parole board there is always something that could come up which could have consequences for either decision so which is the right one? The Parole Board. Overcrowding can cause many issues within
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We already know that overcrowding can cause many issues that could be lifelong like diseases and health that it would be best that those who are nonviolent be let out with their families. Also, when time comes those who are violent and have shown a great improvement with classes and skills then they will be allowed out before their sentence ends. This gives the violent offenders a chance to do good while they are serving their sentence. Broadening the parole eligibility will make the advocates happy as well as save money for the state/prisons. The Warden
As the Warden, William has a very tough job. He is in charge of everyone in the prison and now a days “focus has shifted to ensuring the safety and security of the community, staff, and inmates” (Ruddell, 2008). Now that the budget was cut, William believes that an off-site work release program would be beneficial in making sure the prison isn’t as crowded all the time. Staffing has become an issue and the union representative wants to know how the warden intents to ensure the safety of the officers. The ethical question here is what should he do in order to make sure his staff is safe. The warden is motivated by the fact that he does not want to lose officers due to them feeling threatened. Therefore something needs to be done to ensure they will stick around and do their job without being harmed. As the