Ethical Dillemma Commonly Experiences in the Arts and Science

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When beginning to discuss the proposed question one must first posses a valid definition of ethics in order to determine the factors of a situation that relate. Ethics are in a way the ‘rules’ that define what is or isn’t acceptable in a society based upon core values and beliefs that the society holds to be true (Ethics vs Morals). Therefore, furthering to relate to the proposed question, an ethical judgment is simply a judgment based upon the ethics of a situation. The majority of ethical judgments that are well-known throughout society have come about when a ‘rule’ is violated or blatantly ignored.
Throughout the world’s history, ethics have continuously shaped people’s opinions and influenced the actions in which they take. Our
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The main ethical judgment against animal experimentation is that the animals placed in these situations face an unavoidable amount of pain. What makes this an even more convincing argument is the belief that the pain is unwarranted and data collected from the experiments only has a slight chance of relating to humans. One situation that caused extreme outrage when made known to the public was, “…the Experimental Head Injury Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania where scientists had been engaging in research on head trauma…They took videotapes recording the deliberate and methodical inflicting of severe head injuries on unanesthetized chained baboons.” (Andre, Claire, and Manuel Velasquez) Though this was to research head trauma in humans, the extreme and gruesome videos sparked outrage, and caused the governmental agencies to suspend federal funding of the experiments (Andre, Claire, and Manuel Velasquez). Those in favor of animal experimentation know that many times there are unavoidable situations of extreme pain in the experiments that they perform. They state that they have an obligation to minimize this pain when possible, and to maximize the benefits that humans will receive out of this experimentation. However, anesthesia many times cannot be given in experiments due to the interference with the results that they are trying to obtain. Scientists and those that are in
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