Ethical Egoism And The Prescriptive Or Normative View

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When the author talks about ethical egoism he refers to the prescriptive or normative view. These type of views make you think about how one should act or how one ought to behave. Matters of this nature is always subjective because how a person was raised might determine how one might act or behave. Depending on what part of the world you come from certain things would be expected of you in the manner of behavior and how one might act, but when we think from a realistic point, we asked the question does people do things in general to help themselves overall? Then again we might ask, do people generally help other people from the heart? All these things are subjective, because you generally do things that might benefit ourselves, but at the end of the day we find ourselves being trapped with our own feelings and emotions because we’re are taught to love one another. Example, when I initially decided to take in foster kids, I was being asked by my mother to take the kids that she had for many years in her home, after becoming too ill to care for them. I really didn’t want foster kids, but as it turned out after doing it I enjoyed having the kids in my home and being a positive role model, so that I might have a positive impact on those kids’ lives. Then again I ask myself, had there been no money for incentive, would I ever even considered doing it? I might have considered doing it on behalf of my mother and her feelings for the children, but without the money incentive, I
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