Ethical Egoism vs Deontological Egoism

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3) Can Deontological Egoism avoid all the problems that confront unconstrained ethical egoism? In this essay I will argue that Deontological Egoism can rescue Unconstrained Ethical Egoism from a large number of its problems and that DE offers a more plausible and attractive Egoism theory Understanding Moral theories The goal of a moral theory is to meet certain moral principles. Various principles are argued for to be included as moral principles within a workable moral theory. We therefore can analyze the specific moral theories of Ethical Egoism and Deontological Egoism which fall under the umbrella of the Egoism class of theories and see if they take into account certain moral principles that are important in order for a theory to be …show more content…
Valuing the interests of one group or oneself over another group or others without reason to justify these differences in treatment is arbitrary. Why should the interests of others matter to me? Moral views exist in the world that place people into groups, racism, anti-

semitism, sexism, and nationalism. According to these views one group is deemed better or more worthy than another. People might feel that belonging to one ethnic group, race or country makes them more superior than another group. Racists for example like to argue that they are more superior to blacks , and that blacks are stupid, lazy and crazy. In order to feel superior or to warrant taking more rights and benefits for oneself a racist will argue that differences indeed exist between him and the blacks and that these differences advocate different treatment. We know that these implied differences are not actually true. If all relevant things are equal there is no reason to treat one better or worse than another. Ethical egoists are guilty of discriminating on arbitrary grounds (race, ethnicity, gender) Ethical egoism is similar in that we are told to value ourselves more than others and we then divide the world up into two groups, oneself and the rest of the world. My interests (even wants for trivial interests like luxuries) are
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