Ethical Ethics And Corporate Ethics Essay

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Ethics are principles of behavior based on the ideas of what is good and what is bad. Business ethics, or also known as corporate ethics, is a form of ethics that is used in the business environment. The study of business ethics looks at the decisions that businesses make and whether those decisions taken are right or wrong. Many company executives are unethical, because their number one goal is not to satisfy customers, or clients; Instead their number one goal is to make as much profit as they can no matter what. What this type of companies fail to realize is that there is long-run and short-run profit maximization. A company can maximize its profits by in the short-run by being unethical; however, in the long-run, the bad publicity, lawsuits, etc. will make the company suffer plenty in both the public appearance and the monetary aspect. One of the biggest legal scandals of a company being unethical was in 2001, when, Enron, a natural gas pipeline company went from having $65 billions in assets to being bankrupt 24 days after. Enron Corporation was founded in 1985, in Houston, Texas, it was a merger between Houston Natural Gas Co. and InterNorth Inc. Enron reached dramatic heights, it was the seventh largest corporation in America, and named the “Most innovative company” by Fortune magazine for 6 years straight. Enron innovated the entire natural gas market by adding a natural gas trading segment; making it the world 's largest energy trading company. At its peak

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