Ethical Ethics And Ethical Behavior Essay

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Ethical conduct is a representation of leader’s self-expression of who they really are, and with past multi-billion dollar companies reported committing unethical and unmoral acts of behavior, it is imperative that leaders fully comprehend the ramifications related to their unethical behavior. Furthermore, an ethical virtue demonstrated by a leader paves the foundation for their followers to behave with the same ethical behavior established within the organization thus establishing a followers’ commitment to their constitution. Additionally, the rise in corporate ethical scandals today representing the unethical behavior and, raising awareness relevant to the probe into their illegal and unethical acts of behavior. The fact that leaders represent the key ingredient within an organization expected to exhibit the utmost ethical behavior has become the cutting edge of issues involving acts of unethical conduct. . Leadership in organizations obtain ethical responsibilities to both the establishment and their followers, their responsibilities revolve around human values and complying with ethical conduct and codes of ethical behavior. And, the knowledge that corporate scandals including those of Enron, Worldcom, and others have brought up the public and media’s attention to the huge number of unethical conduct occurring within organizations today (Gamble, & Gamble, 2013). Furthermore, human value defined as a leaders understanding regarding the manner in which
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