Ethical Ethics Of Organ Donation

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The ethical disaster that is organ donation The ethical review system for organ donor intervention research is in dire need of revision. An eight-year-old boy, Cole, died a victim to this flawed system. He was drowning inside of a washing machine and went into cardiac arrest. Luckily, paramedics were able to get him out of cardiac arrest but that wasn't enough to save his life seeing that his parents were told he would never come out of his coma or regain proper functionality of his brain. The little eight-year-old was placed on a ventilator to keep him breathing. His parents made the agonizing decision to take their son of of life support, even though he was not brain dead, and grant permission for his organs to be collected for donation. However this case has recently been investigated and it is said that Cole was given a dose of fentanyl, a drug used to ease pain after medical procedures. It appears the dose was high enough to kill him and caused investigators to believe that this was done in order to hasten the process and preserve his organs for donation. This is not the first time something like this happens. Today the U.S. struggles with acquiring enough organs to suffice the lengthy waiting lists and frankly organ surgeons will do anything they can to save their patients lives. Even if it comes to accelerating a patient's death to acquire the organs. I believe that in order to prevent further instances like these from occurring, we should create a central IRB
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