Ethical Ethics: The Ethics Of Ethics In Nursing

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Ethics started in the Ancient Greek which is philosophical questioning about moral life.It deals of decision making concerning what is right or wrong. It is governed by individual, community and social values However , nurses in their research have to be enable in three value systems ;in society, nursing and science. Ethical attitudes of a researchers must be based on their interest of society, which is the most usual cases is about human exploitation and the prevention scientific abuses of human lives protection of physical and mental harm that may culminate to sufferings and death. It is strongly proclaimed that the "well being" of individuals is more important than scientific and social interests.In terms of nursing the first inquiry…show more content…
The ANA code of conduct declares that nurse protects the clients and the public from unethical, incompetent or illegal practice of any person than raises the advocacy when nurses have to protect patients from the researchers unethical behavior;nurses be obliged to show loyalty to patients to avoid conflict. In order to prevent human exploitation ethics, committees were introduced, the success of any ethics committee will always depend on the commitment and moral competency of it's members. ICN code for nurses in research states that " Nurses acting as do data collectors must recognize that they are more committed to two separate roles". It is very important that nurses always bear in mind that they should protect the privacy of the patient, the ICN code for nurses in research, states that informed and voluntary consent has been obtained from the subject of the research, that they are aware of potential risks or discomforts, with regard to nurse, researchers the international council of Nurses declares that they are not responsible for the care of patients, they should only intervene in case of an imminent harmful situation wherein the culture of nursing which is interwined with the ethic of
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