Ethical: Ethics and American Counseling Association Essay

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Dual Relationship Boundaries, Standards of Care and Termination
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A paper discussing the ethical issues from a video that discuss cases that are regarding barter, boundaries crossing and violation, touching, receiving and giving gifts, and termination of care. The ACA code of Ethics and Michigan States Rules and Regulation for Professional Counselors on the ethical issues of barter, boundaries crossing and violation, touching, receiving and give gifts, and termination of care are summarized. My feelings toward the cases that were discussed in the video regarding the ethical issues and topics of barter, boundaries crossing and violation, touching, receiving and give gifts, and
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There is also no clear code on give gifts to clients. Some counselors see giving clients gifts for celebration such anniversary, graduation, birth of a child as gestures that could support or/and strengthen the therapeutic relationship but some counselors might see those gestures possibly complicating the therapy. The issue of touch is also discussed in this part of the video
In the third and fourth part of the video the issues that arise at the beginnings and endings of treatment is discussed. A few questions that answer are, “When and how does the professional relationship actually begin? When and how can it end? What should you be aware of ethically and legally at the start and finish of treatment?” The first part is to understand how to terminate therapy in a proper way. It’s important to focus on how treatment is terminated and not the why it’s terminated. It’s important to make sure that if appropriateness of termination is every question that a clinician keep good records that show you handle termination issue, did proper referrals, treatment records were made available and finally follow-up consultations was offered. It’s also discussed the importance of understanding HIPAA and your state laws when it comes to client records. It was also made important that you have professional will that in event of your death that you should not leave your clients abandon. The professional will needs to name a professional executor and the expectation you have for him or
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