Ethical Guidelines And Concepts Of My Doctoral Research Essay

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In this paper, I will discuss how to ensure that all aspects of my doctoral research, from literature review, conducting research, writing the dissertation manuscript and so on, will be done in careful and integrity manner in such a way that it will meet the ethical standards of scientific research. This will ensure that my research will be accepted, published, and contribute to the body of knowledge. Also, to achieve this, I, will try to follow and justify all the steps needed in order to ensure that the ethical integrity of my dissertation project is met. More so, in effort to accomplish these, I will clearly outline ethical principles and state how to apply them to research work. I will also, further elucidate how I will apply published ethical guidelines and concepts to my research project. Some specific areas I will address include Plagiarism, Risk assessment, Informed consent, Privacy and confidentiality, Data handling and reporting, Mistakes and negligence, Working with a Mentor, Northcentral University requirements for IRB approval. I will conclude this paper by expressing my thought on the following statement, “Ethical scientific researchers have a commitment to all who are touched by their research—participants who share their lives and time, mentors and advisors, reviewers, future readers, and supporters and cheerleaders on the journey—to take care and do their work well”.
The ethical standards of scientific research
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