Ethical Guidelines and Courses of Action

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An upcoming meeting with your new company's chief executive officer (CEO) and other executives is a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge of potentially defective products being sold to customers. You are not sure if others are aware of this issue, and the defective products could possibly lead to serious injuries. To complicate matters, you are uncertain about your organization’s ethical guidelines because none have been communicated. How would you present this issue to the CEO, directors, and managers? What specific courses of action would you recommend with respect to internal actions and customer notification? In the longer term, what can be done to ensure that a strong sense of business ethics permeates your company?…show more content…
Make sure that the shipping papers and invoices identify the serial numbers of the products being shipped. It would also be helpful to have a quality control department to review the employees work before it goes out the door. When working in a factory, you need to make sure that equipment is functioning properly, that there are enough workers to staff the production lines, and that the workers are receiving adequate sleep so that they are not making mistakes. With the quality control department reviewing the products before they go out the door, any mistakes or problems would be found in-house and easily corrected, thereby eliminating or reducing future product recalls and ensuring the public that their products are safe to use or eat. What can be done to ensure that a strong sense of business ethics permeates your company? I would start with in-house training sessions for the employees. Those in management would be required to participate every three to six months to keep abreast of what is going on in the marketplace and overseas. When training new hires, part of their training should be how the company functions and specifically how the standard of excellence is expected from all of the employees. If anyone is acting unethical, then counseling should be offered to the employee. There should also be an employee handbook with step-by-step instructions of what is expected from each employee
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