Ethical Hacking

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1.0 Introduction

With the tremendous advancement of Internet, different aspects of it are achieving the highest peak of growth. An example of it is e-commerce. More and more computers get connected to the Internet, wireless devices and networks are booming and sooner or later, nearly every electronic device may have its own IP address. The complexity of networks is increasing, the software on devices gets more sophisticated and user friendly – interacting with other devices and people are a main issues. At the same time, the complexity of the involved software grows, life cycles are getting shorter and maintaining high quality is difficult. Most users want (or need) to have access to information from all over the
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An ethical hacker is therefore a good hacker, somebody who uses the methods and tools of the blackhat [4] community to test the security of networks and servers. The goal of an ethical hack is neither to do damage nor to download any valuable information –it’s more a service for a client to test his environment on how it would withstand a hacker attack. The final output from an ethical hack is mostly a detailed report about the detected problems and vulnerabilities. Many times, the report does even have instructions on how to remove certain abilities. Ethical hacking does perfectly fit into the security life cycle (see figure 1.1). Ethical hacking is a way of doing a security assessment a current situation (from a technical point of view) can be checked. Like all other assessments (or audits), an ethical hack is a random sample and passing an ethical hack doesn’t mean there are no security issues. An ethical hack’s results is a detailed report of the findings as well as a testimony that a hacker with a certain amount of time and skills is or isn’t able to successfully attack a system or get access to certain information.

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