Ethical Implications Of Ethical Issues Essay

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Ethical issues are becoming very essential and critical topic for examining the organization’s performance. According to Chang, (2011) nowadays, every organization has realized the vitality that ethical functionality gives to a business and need of attention to this emerging responsibility of organizations.
1.1. Growth and Ethics Consumer’s Perspective

According to Shaw and Shiu, (2003) the concerns for ethical issues have been well documented in the ethical literature. They showed that there is a need to point out consumer ethics where their choices can either lead to some ethical issues. Exploring further into the literature it becomes evident that the consumers’ ethical horizon is not limited by any means. Initially green ethics was advocated but consumers have developed concerns for ethical animals farming, irresponsible selling, and oppressive regimes. The following framework defines the consumers’ attitudes towards ethics (Pelsmacker, Drisen and Rayp, 2005).
Figure 1.1: Source: (Shaw and Shiu, 2003)
1.1.1. Theory of Reasoned Action/Theory of Planned Behavior

The consumer ethical perspective can be defined by the “self-image”. The consumer would adopt ethical consumption as much as the ethical issues have become important to their self-identity. The consumer not always makes decision according to the Theory of Reasoned Action/Theory of Planned Behavior rather is also driven by value to other and self-identification.

1.1.2. The Hunt-Vitell model

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