Ethical Implications Of The Internet Essay

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The internet has provided an immense amount of information that is available to all researchers at their fingertips, whether it be primary or secondary data. Secondary data is data obtained by someone else that is relevant to your current research. This type of data is beneficial to many researchers because it saves time, money, and efforts. Also, secondary data reveals what issues other corporations have encountered and the effective solutions that were implemented. Yahoo! is an internet portal that combines a directory of World Wide Web sites and is the third largest search engine. However, Yahoo! has been facing ethical implications regarding a recent data breach that affected more than 500 million accounts. If Yahoo! had obtained secondary data, they would have been able to avoid these ethical dilemmas that has led to unsatisfied customers and loss in profits. Yahoo!, short for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”, has been in existence since the 1990’s and was one of the pioneers when the internet was developed with an approximate worth over $100 billion. It is known for being a search engine and its’ related services, including Yahoo! Mail, news, online maps, messenger, and fantasy sports. Slowly in the 2000’s, Yahoo! started to decline in sales, popularity, and consumers’ interest. On February of 2008, Microsoft offered close to $45 billion for Yahoo!. Three months later, Microsoft offered an additional $5 billion, but Yahoo! declined, stating that
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