Ethical Issue Of Animal Testing For Medical Research

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he ethical issue of animal testing for medical testing is not new, for example the majority of the common vaccines were developed because medical research that utilized animal testing. Many philosophers have attempted to explain the rights of animals and some wrote on the lack of inherent rights. This issue is difficult because animals can’t speak for themselves but humans do have a place to play in the fight for animal rights. I will apply the principle of utility along with the moral theories of equality and speciesism in order show that animal testing for medical research is not an ethical practice.
Principle of Utility
Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that argues that all people should act in ways that bring about as much happiness as possible in the world and minimize pain. Mills (a supporter of utilitarianism) wrote that no matter the situation the right action would be the action that tended to minimize the suffering and pain, and maximize the pleasure and happiness, of all interested parties. Mills also thought that the suffering, pain, pleasure and happiness of animals should be protected and included in utilitarianism. Practically speaking, animal testing isn’t just done to one or two animals during an experiment but to a large number of them, animals are tortured and subjected to pain in order to test medicines, medical treatments and more. I believe that animal testing when seen through the utilitarian lens is flawed an corrupt. Animal Liberation written by…
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