Ethical Issues : Aclu On The Decision Making Process

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Ethical Issues : ACLU
When researching the decision-making processes in which organizations encounter, from large fortune 500 companies to small private businesses, organizational culture has a major emphasis on the decision-making process. According to Kurtz, during the decision-making process and everyday operations of a organization, many ethical decisions which would be unacceptable in our society are deemed to be acceptable problem solving tactics (Kurtz, 2003). Our ethical decision-making process is put to the test when ever we face an issue that relates to social injustice within our society. Researchers have analyzed that when organizations face critical times and require the use of problem solving tactics, many professionals
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Code of Conducts can be constructed and tailored to specific situations which may arise within various types of organizations. According to Cooper, codes are "particular to the type of audience and laws are more universal and inclusive"(Cooper, 2012).

ACLU: Key Ethical Challenges
For centuries within our country the argument of ethics and morality has been in the forefront for many of the key law making decisions within our country. Cooper defined ethics as "the examination and analysis of the logic, values, beliefs, and principles that are used to justify morality in its various forms (Cooper, 2012). Within many organizations from small private businesses to large corporations, ethical framework is in place as a framework to guide how each organization conducts business. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has tackled numerous ethical issues which have challenged the matter of freedom, human rights, and equality.
One of the freedoms in which the ACLU has fought for is for the women to have the right to reproductive freedom. In the argument of pro-life it is said that the fetus has a right to life and the pregnant mother has an obligation to the fetus (Kaposy,2014). In the argument of pro-choice the decision of an abortion is left unto the choice of pregnant women, and that what happens to their body is their body is their choice (Kaposy, 2012). Within the argument of
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