Ethical Issues Affecting Society Is Its Lack Of Ethics And Standards

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One of the major issues affecting society is its lack of ethics and standards. Ethical standards determine moral conduct. No matter where one looks, the erosion of ethics and basic moral principles of right and wrong have taken us to the point where trust in our institutions and the very systems that make our society work are in imminent danger of oblivion. Ethical dilemmas are not clear choices between breaking the law and being law-abiding; they are at times complex moral mazes with no easy answers (Luftig & Ouellette, 2009).
The law often incorporates ethical standards to which most citizens adhere to. But laws sometimes tend to deviate from ethical ideals. Being ethical is not the same as following the law. Morals, ethics and the law are three terms are sometimes used interchangeably when in fact they describe different and fundamentally independent concepts.
Morals are a standard of a person’s behaviors or beliefs regarding what are and what are not acceptable for them to do. Morals guide one’s decisions and are the output from their culture and experiences throughout life. They are what allow you to determine right from wrong. Moral decisions are internal judgments which vary between people and their environments.
Ethics are standards of behavior within a group or society that indicate how we should behave to achieve the moral goals upon which the society places importance. Ethics are related to how we act and interact with others, and so are external in…

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