Ethical Issues And Nursing Relevance

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Ethical Issues and Nursing Relevance The modern nature of telehealth has created a dialogue about ethical issues and its relevance to nursing, specifically advance practice nursing. Preserving the nurse-patient relationship is an ethical issue that remerges. This ethical factor can be especially relevant to nursing practice and patient outcomes. It can be argued that it is not feasible to make discriminate and safe judgment calls remotely, especially ones requiring the advanced practice nurse to physically observe and assess objective parameters first hand (McLean et al., 2013). It may not always be noticeable if harm is being done since the provider is not at the bedside. After all, beneficence, the promise to do no harm, is an ethical principal common among all healthcare disciplines. Telehealth may put at risk the trust that comes with face-to-face encounters and could influence patient outcomes. In contrast, research supports that patient outcomes are not solely determined by the physical presence of the advance practice nurse. Patient outcomes are also influenced by the development of and adherences to guidelines and standards for telehealth, which are valuable in helping insure effective and safe delivery of quality healthcare through telehealth (Krupinski & Bernard, 2014). Implementing these guidelines and standards helps the client build trust in the competence of telehealthcare. Further research shows that telehealth plays a key role as a form of healthcare access
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