Ethical Issues Are A Key Part Of Any Psychological Research.

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Ethical issues are a key part of any psychological research. This refers to the appropriate codes of conduct which should be adhered to in any psychological research. In the past there has been many unethical studies carried out which has raised a variety of questions as to did the end justify the means, is this right? Should it have been done? For instance, Milgram (1963) study into obedience. However, at that moment in time no ethical guidelines were Brocken as they did not exist (Matta, R). Therefore, ethical guidelines were put in place stop these abuses of power and put an end to such questions. In the United Kingdom any research carried out by psychologists must apply with the guidelines set by the British Psychological Society…show more content…
2007). However, even in these circumstances it is considered unethical and in the case that the deception cause distress the research is considered to be unacceptable. In order to compensate for any degree of deception researcher could provide participants with a debrief which is a full description of the nature of the study after the research has been carried out (Cardwell, M & Flanagan, C. 2005). Milgram (1963) carried out a study into obedience in which deception was a main problem. Milgram wanted to see how far an individual would go into obeying an instruction from an authority figure even if it involve the harm of another. In the study participants were split into two groups: teachers and students, a confederate was always in the role of the learner. Students deliberately answered the questions wrong in which teachers were then told to administer and electric shock for every wrong answer given. Participants were deceived as they thought they were harming a real person, therefore causing them distress. However, Milgram and many others agreed that this deception was necessary to see the true nature of obedience as well as providing reliable and valid results. This allowed Milgram to provide results which no other in his field could have expected (Connolly, E. 2011). Physical and Psychological harm to participants is another ethical issue which often can occur in psychological research.
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